Loving Your Pets is What We Do Best!


In-Your-Home Pet Care - Perfect for cats and dogs!
Your pet(s) will receive three to four visits per day in the comfort of your own home.  Visits include walks, playtime, feeding, water bowl refreshing and lots of TLC.  We can also bring in the mail, take care of other house pets like birds or fish, water plants and provide crime-deterrent measures. Perfect for day trips, weekend getaways or extended vacations!  A great alternative to boarding your pets at a kennel!

Mid-Day Dog Walking 
Depending upon your dog’s exercise capacity, this visit includes a brisk structured walk or leisurely stroll around your neighborhood to give your dog a chance to exercise and enjoy some fresh air and playtime.

Postoperative Care
Our postoperative care service can help to make your pet's postoperative experience a positive and successful one.  We can provide multiple visits, throughout the day, so that you can continue with your normal routine while your pet receives the extra care and attention he or she needs to heal comfortably and completely.  We will perform close observation and care of the surgical site, assist with potty breaks, provide transportation to and from veterinarian appointments, apply ice and/or heat, apply massage techniques, and complete rehabilitation exercises, according to your veterinarian's instructions.

Pet Wedding Attendant
This service is specifically for special events such as weddings, commitment ceremonies, anniversary celebrations or birthdays.  We will accompany your pet to your special event!

Rates Each and every home is unique and pets all need varied attention and care. We will quote each client individually based on service needs.

Holiday Services
There is an additional charge of $5.00 per visit on all Federal Holidays as well as Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, New Year's Eve, Easter, and Christmas Eve.

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Dogs Gone Walking LLC Payments and Policies

Congratulations to Barbara Woodward, owner of Dogs Gone Walking, LLC, who has fulfilled and exceeded her obligations within the Apprenticeship Program at Brother of the Wolf, LLC, and is now Certified, with Honors, in multiple dog training arenas.

Barbara Woodward
Phone:  856.534.9791
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